Smart Targets = Smart Data + Smart Geology

Machine learning human teaching.

Pushing the boundaries of how technology can enhance geological decision making.

Our Story

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Extracting value from your existing investment.

Mineral exploration is not a new business. But with a stalled rate of discoveries, the global supply chain is faced with dwindling supply and surging demand. With fewer, smaller and more expensive discoveries, the industry is finally doing things differently.

We are going deeper, exploring complexities
and searching under cover.

Geoscientists have circled these targets over the past 70 years, applying exploration methods that produce layers and layers of valuable data, yet impossible to effectively process by the human brain alone.

At GoldSpot, we live and breathe this data and unlock economic potential through a variety of machine learning applications. We turn your data into actionable Smart Targets. In the race to make a discovery, we give you back time, save you money and produce far more accurate results than ever before possible.